ICRC: Meetings of prisoner committee to be concluded Wednesday

ICRC: Meetings of prisoner committee to be concluded Wednesday

Alsahwa Net- International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said that the meetings of the the Yemeni government and the Iran-backed Houthis delegations will be concluded next Wednesday in Jordan.

Spokesperson of the ICRC Marialla Hudaib said today, Wednesday, in a press conference,  that both sides checked, in their latest meeting, further lists of prisoners.

She hoped that meetings would make progress during next days, pointing out that ICRC increased its representative in Yemen to implement the prisoner exchange deal.

She cited that ICRC has equipped  two 200-passanger aircrafts to transport prisoners between Sana’a and Seyoun.

A member of the government negotiation team Hadi Haij had affirmed that the government team submitted its observations on the prisoner exchange lists and  that the Houthis still procrastinate.

Haij demanded the United Nations to take a firm position towards the procrastination of the Houthis.

In peace talks in Sweden last month, the sides agreed to a series of confidence-building measures, including an exchange of thousands of prisoners.

Implementation has been slow, marred by violence and ongoing distrust between the sides.

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