WFP accuses Houthis of diverting relief supplies

WFP accuses Houthis of diverting relief supplies

The World Food Programme has accused the Iran-backed Houthis of diverting relief supplies away from the intended beneficiaries and called for the investigation into the practice and dismissal of those involved.

"So far, our monitoring has identified seven centers in Sana’a city and we estimate that about 1,200 metric tonnes of food was diverted in August and September," WFP spokesman Herve Verhoosel said in Geneva.

"But to put this into context, 600 metric tonnes is only about one per cent of the food we provide on a monthly basis nationally," Mr Verhoosel said in remarks reported by the UAE state news agency Wam.

He said the WFP detected the problem about three months ago when officials noticed food being sold in bulk, such as oil in cartons of six and pulses in 50-kilo bags, instead of in oil cans and bags of 10kg as was normally seen in Yemeni markets

"We suspected that food was being diverted by a partner organisation from distribution points. We immediately identified the location to which the food was being moved," Mr Verhoosel said.

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