Yemeni rights group: 12 Yemeni media practitioners killed in 2018

Yemeni rights group: 12 Yemeni media practitioners killed in 2018


Alsahwa Net- The Yemeni Media Freedom Observatory documented 144 violations against media freedom in Yemen during 2018, including 12 cases of killing.

According to the observatory, numerous forms of violations were perpetrated including murder, injury, kidnapping, assaults and targeting media organizations.

In addition to the 12 cases of murder, 43 cases of kidnapping and attempted kidnapping, 11 injury cases, 6 attempted murders, 16 arrests, 10 assaults, 9 dismissals from work, 7 threats, 5 incursions and looting of journalist lodgings, 12 violations against media institutions, and 13 other violations were committed” the observatory added.

It also cited that the increasing violations committed against journalists have created a dangerous media environment which hinders journalists from reporting events in Yemen freely.

“The position of journalists has become very frightening. Forty two journalists and media activists have been killed since 2014, in addition to kidnapping of more than 400 journalists, some of whom are still in Houthi and Qaeda prisons, “ it added.

“Some of them have been kidnapped for more than three years during which they were subjected to forced disappearances, torture and trial before the Specialized Criminal Court- an illegal court – on charges punishable by death due to their views and writings. Violations of media freedom continue unabated in areas under the control of the internationally recognized government of Yemen, where one journalist is still being held”.

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