Houthis continue bombing civilians’ houses in Hais

Houthis continue bombing civilians’ houses in Hais

Alsahwa Net- Houthi militias have been continuing the bombardment of civilians’ houses in the district of Hais, the governorate of Hodeida.

Military sources told Alsahwa Net that the Houthis on Wednesday fired mortars on a house in Hais, destroying large parts of it.  

The sources further explained that the militias continue targeting houses of civilians on a daily basis.

Local residents of Hais appealed to the United Nations and the international community to intervene and put an end to the Houthi criminal acts committed against them.

A recent report said Houthi militia fired on bulldozers of the Yemeni army during the opening of the Kilo 16 road linking Sanaa, Hodeidah and Taiz, despite both sides agreeing to open all closed humanitarian corridors from key port to the Yemeni capital.

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