Houthis and minimization of Yemen schools

Houthis and minimization of Yemen schools

Alsahwa Net- Houthis have been turning schools into private prisons, detentions and places for investigating and torturing opponents since they started their rebellion in Saada in 2004. 

Since that time, the number of schools is dramatically decreasing every year as they are turned by the Iran-backed Houthis to military barracks, weapons stocks and private prisons.

Asma school in the district of Razeh, Saada, was occupied, bombarded and destroyed by the Houthis during their second war against the government. The Houthis then burnt all the school’s documents and books, and looted all its contents. 

Other schools like Abu Bakar al-Sedeeq, Sa’ad bin Muadh were frequently attacked during their war against the Yemeni government, and their contents were totally confiscated.

The schools of al-Shaheed Ahmed Zeyad, Abdullah bin Rawah, al-Salam, al-Nassaar, al-Hureyah al-Banat in al-Qamah, Bin Taymeyah, al-Imam Ali and al-Noor were turned to private prisons.

Additionally, a large number  of other schools including Abu Dar al-Ghafari, al-Farouq, Hamzah, Muadh bin Jabal, al-Mithaq, al-Jomhoreyah, al-Tayseer, al-Bukhari, Ammar bin Yasser, Ibn al-Ameer and al-Imam al-Shafae were bombarded, looted and occupied by the Houthis.

Chief of the Teacher Syndicate in Sa’ada Fouad Barbood said that militarization of schools and disruption of education were systemically implemented by the Houthis,  and the 2014 coup was one consequence of those policies adopted by the Houthis since 2004.

 “Why did international organizations such UNICEF stood silent in 2004 as thousands of Saada’s students were deprived of education due to the occupation of schools by the Houthis and using them as military barracks, weapon stocks and private prisons” Barbood asks.

 “Before the Houthi rebellion in 2004, there were 5556 schools and 5693 teachers in Saada,” Barbood added. “ However, about 90 % of those teachers were expelled by the Houthis and the remaining schools are currently run by the Houthis and turned to sectarian schools which only teach violence and sending children to battlefields”.

After conducting the Houthi coup against the internationally-recognized government in 2014, approximately 2000 schools were turned by the Houthis into military barracks, Minister of Education Abdullah Lamlas said.

He further cited that about 3600 schools have been shut down since the beginning of the war and that  2000 other were damaged.

 “Most those schools which were established in 15 years in the framework of an education development project funded by the World Bank, the European Union, the United States and other states were destroyed in only one year of the Houthi coup” Lamlas added.

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