Houthi first ever commitment unlikely

Houthi first ever commitment unlikely


By Yaseen Khaled

If Houthis observe the UN-brokered withdrawal from Hodeidah ports as agreed in Stockholm on December 13, that would be the terrorist organization's first ever commitment in its entire history.

The organization, since 2004, abandoned more than 60 various agreements and avoided signing scores of others altogether.

From the conduct of the organization members in Hodeidah over the past few days, the prospect of their commitment to a deal for the first time ever seems unlikely.

Away from bilaterally supervised and approved step-by-step implementation, they came up on Saturday with a sudden declaration and videos of militant withdrawals. They handed over the port to what they called "the Special Forces".

Just days before this stage play everyone was accusing them of ordering their extremists to put on the pre-war Special Forces uniform.

The government dismissed the "withdrawal" as a unilateral move made apart from the Coordination Committee and therefore "can never be accepted."

Satirical commentators in almost all Yemeni and Arab TVs said the Houthis handed over the ports "from their one hand to their another."

Vehicles such as the BBC, Reuters and France 24 propagandized the withdrawal.

 I knew beforehand. Being the cunning terrorist religious organization who they are, Houthis have not and will not observe any commitment.   



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