Houthis: The terrorist organization that is fooling the world

Houthis: The terrorist organization that is fooling the world


By Yaseen Khaled

Houthis are the terrorist organization that is fooling the world. They are combining between the maximalist pursuit of theocratic reign through religion-fueled violence and the fake appearance as an ordinary rebel group that is seeking only limited gains within a democratic country.

After four years of Houthi diehard fighting and avoidance of peace by countless ways, the international community seems not to understand the ulterior motive of these diehard religious fighters.

Many US, European and even some Arab media outlets and Sana'a-based UN offices and human rights watchdogs are even playing the role of propaganda arms for this organization.

They downplay the seriousness of Houthi maximalism to ordinary rebellion and picture the suffering the Houthis brought upon the Yemenis through the prism of the Arab Coalition's "bombing campaign."

As of the beginning of the September 2014 coup, months before the Arab Coalition's intervention, the Houthis have deployed their militants across the parts of Yemen they control including the hundreds of kilometers long highways from Saada in north Yemen through the capital Sana'a to Yemen's southwestern and third largest city, Taiz.

These deployments are in the form of military checkpoints at intervals of five kilometers at the longest.

Militants stop all cars, collect passengers' IDs and smartphones and search them thoroughly. If a tip-off on you or a video clip or chat history in your phone indicates your loyalty to the government, you are doomed. And you have no chance to convey  to your relatives that you have been arrested.

The terror organization's jails are filled with hundreds of peaceful activists who had been rounded up over the past four years. Some of them have been killed and buried without their relatives' knowledge, while others have lost their minds and/or the ability to move. Electrocution, sawing body into parts, reverse hanging, and burning with acid are some of the torture techniques. Unlike ISIL and al-Qaeda, Houthis are too smart to boast these acts publicly or allow graphic photos to be taken, let alone leaked to press.

Some missing activists have only been tracked down to Houthi captivity but are unaccounted for, especially whether they are still alive.

A few captives released safe said they were subjected to both torture and compulsory lectures in their cells on the danger of democracy as "a pagan" system of governance that the "Jews and Christians" invented,  a modus operandi identical to that of al-Qaeda and ISIL.   

From time to time, the militants take prisoners by trucks out of the jail and dump them dead, mad or paralyzed in deserted and wild places.

Journalists and members of the broader social media community are declared priority targets in the Houthi manhunt and therefore among the activists who went through this ordeal the most. They were killed, arrested, tortured, and forced to flee outside Yemen to the point of wiping out free press totally from the organization's areas of control.

Yet the Washington Post and Aljazeera news websites give a platform to the organization's fox, Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, to lecture on peace and democracy.  

The organization destroyed and caused the destruction of infrastructure in many cities and plunged Yemen in the world's worst humanitarian crisis over the past four years. They are still bent on fighting "the full defeat" of the government or "until the Day of Judgment", whichever comes first.  

The UN and the international community weigh in on the government to curtail its already ineffective military effort since "no military solution" is possible with this religious organization.   


They (Houthis) have always depended on an army of radicalized children.

They are the only warring party that plants landmines, have planted at least quarter a million and hence killed and maimed thousands of Yemenis so far.

Their Hezbolla trained snipers besieging Taiz continually shoot dead girls and boys below the age of 13. Local young people habitually report the stories and post them with pictures on Facebook and local news sites.

Those accounts with photos are no newsworthy in the eyes of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Reuters, the CNN and the antiwar website.

The Houthis effectively ban mixing between male and female students in universities, force women to cover themselves from head to toe in the public places of Sana'a and to adhere to puritan rules of "modesty" to avoid the disfiguring of their faces with acid, a punishment widely threatened by Houthis and disseminated through WhatsApp these days. 

Meanwhile, they secretly prepare radicalized women activists to send them to European capitals to conduct PR and lobbying in the disguise of independent human rights activists. An example of these women figures is, Radhiya al-Mutawakkil, a Houthi militant who even runs a fake "human rights" organization, in Sana'a- Muwatana.

The terrorist organization have  been conscripting schoolboys to the large military camps in Sana'a, training and radicalizing them to be fearless killers and sending them in convoys in a journey of nearly three hundred kilometers southward  to kill civilians trapped in their besieged city, Taiz. In fact Taiz is the only Yemeni city under siege, a four year long strangling one imposed by the Houthis.

US media, such as the CNN, call the Houthi-held Sana'a a besieged city!

The Houthis formed their organization in the 1990s to rule unrivaled, a right "granted by God", have fought seven wars, broken 60 plus agreements, abandoned Yemen's historical national talks, mounted this coup and triggered the current war, vowed and still to fight to the Day of Judgment, and from time to a distant another, say " we don't dislike peace."

The UN assumes their good faith and wants the Yemeni people to wait open-endedly until Houthis grants the Yemeni people peace.  

A key element of the Houthi organization's religious beliefs is Taqiya (dissimulation) and the motto of their fighter mobilization campaigns is the Quranic verse "Tough on the Disbelievers". They call their fighting "Jihad."

Meanwhile, the UN keeps pressing the Yemeni government to sit for peace talks and concede something special and unprecedented to arouse the Houthi interest in peace. Which Houthis never have and will never have.



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