Houthis deny WFP delegation entry to besieged Taiz

Houthis deny WFP delegation entry to besieged Taiz


Alsahwa Net- The Houthi militia barred on Sunday the entry of a delegation from the World Food Program to Taiz, the central Yemen city they had besieging for nearly four years.

The government said through its official news agency that the delegation headed by the WFP's Yemen deputy director Ali Reza "were denied entry to Taiz through al-Hawban route" the main entry point to the city's east.

The delegation wanted to inspect the situation in the government-held downtown where no less than two million people are reportedly living in famine-like conditions.

"This measure is a clear Houthi violation of the Stockholm Agreement" that was struck on 13 December to pave the way for final peace talks, said the government's statement.

Previously the militia barred UN and ICRC officials and humanitarian aid from entering the war-torn city.

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