Houthis commit 62 violations in Hodeida in 72 hours

Houthis commit 62 violations in Hodeida in 72 hours

Alsahwa Net-The Saudi-led Arab Coalition has said that the Houthis continue committing the ceasefire in Hodeida, affirming that 72 violations were committed “in the last 72  hours”.

The coalition stated that the Houthis bombarded on Friday the populated neighborhood of al-Mandhar with mortars, damaging a number of houses.

Yemen’s internationally recognized government and the Iran-backed Houthis agreed last Thursday to a cease-fire in the port city of Hodeida and its surrounding governorate, following a week of UN–sponsored peace talks in Sweden.

However, the Yemeni gravamen  says that  the Houthis continue bombarding public and private facilities, pointing out that they have recently occupied a number of girl schools  and positioned inside them, and asserting that they continue planting landmines and digging trenches.



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