Know the future now: Sweden peace talks won't lead to peace

Know the future now: Sweden peace talks won't lead to peace

By Yaseen Khaled


The planned peace talks between the Yemeni government and Houthis in Sweden later this week won't lead to peace at all.

I am not relying on the power of my prediction, but on what we will see happening throughout the UN-sponsored consultations and after them.

I have reasons to base my prediction on, though.

The Houthis are the most extremist theocrats on earth. This religious organization was formed in the 1990s to pursue by brutal force a "God-given" kingdom for its founders. For this cause they fought seven wars since 2004, the latest of which is raging since 2015, pitting them against the internationally recognized government and several Arab countries behind it.

Throughout these wars, they have signed 61 agreements in truces and peace deals, only to take short breaks and come back more organized and more determined to fight.

Their tactics to avoid implementing the UN Security Council's resolutions that delegitimize their coup in favour of Hadi's government are various but lie within a predictable pattern. They avoid going to peace talks altogether, go but avoid signing peace deal, or sign but avoid implementing it.

They mire the talks in hair splitting as a delay tactic and as a preparation of all ready choices of excuses to use one when they want to walk out of the room before a deal is reached.

They observe the religious principle of Taqiyya which justifies to them pursuing goals and denying them at the same time. 

Their rhetoric has not called for peace even once. It consistently emphasizes one single demand in one constant phrase;  "Stop the aggression." That is the shameless equivalent of "you stop, let me fight you."

They still call themselves the government and affirm that what they expect from the Sweden talks is to "just end the aggression" and that is it. 

They call their terror recruits "Mujahideen" and the mobilization and training campaigns go under "Tough on the Unbelievers", a motto inspired from the Quran.

These tactics and rhetoric have known no change since the beginning of the conflict, to this day after the organization's delegation flew to Sweden to attend the imminent peace talks.

The Houthis are as they have always been; a terrorist religious organization that does not compromise its sacrosanct tenets, at the top of which is the "God-given right" to rule without rivals. 

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