Houthis booby-trap Kamran Island with sea mines

Houthis booby-trap Kamran Island with sea mines

Alsahwa Net- Houthi militias have booby-trapped the populated Kamran Island with sea mines, local sources told Alsahwa Net.

A sea mine exploded on Sunday, killing four fishermen who were fishing in the area of Rasha, close to Kamran Island. 

A Saudi newspaper quoted officials of the local authorities of Kamran as saying that the western area of Kamran Island was intensively planted with sea mines.

About 16,000 sea mines have been rooted up and destroyed in Hajjah coasts last month , the Media Center of the Fifth Military Region stated.

The center said that these sea mines were planted by the Houthis in the coasts of Midi, Abas and the international territorial water,  pointing out that military experts of the Arab Coalition ruined them.

Yemeni farmers in  Hairan district of Hajjah governorate have expressed their shock after hundreds of landmines were planted inside their farms.

Some farmers complained that their cattle died due to the landmines randomly planted in their farms.

They called internal and international human rights organizations to intervene and put pressures on the Houthi militias to submit maps of landmine sites and provide specialized crews to remove them.

Furthermore, security sources affirm that The Houthi rebel militias have planted large numbers of landmines in large areas along the coastline of Hodeida province.

Local residents told Alsahwa Net that  the rebel militia issued warnings to the local communities along the coastline no to approach large areas in the western coast of Hodeidah province, due to the fields of mines indiscriminately planted.

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