Peace with Houthis is next to impossible

Peace with Houthis is next to impossible

By Yaseen Khaled

Days before September 6, the scheduled appointment for peace talks between the government and Houthis, I posited that peace with Houthis would be next to impossible.

The Houthis indeed failed those long-awaited negotiations and ceasefire by not showing up in the venue in Geneva.

Now we are days ahead of another appointment for peace talks in Sweden. Once again, I posit that reaching peace with Houthis is next to impossible.

Houthis are one of the most extremist and uncompromising religious organizations on earth.

This armed conflict raging for years is the result of their abandoning of Yemen's historical national talks in 2014.

 In retrospect to their past, they broke 61 peace agreements and remained true to their principle of avoiding any peace that might lead to them giving some concessions. 

In retrospect to their playbook, I am sure they:

  1. Will not attend the talks
  2. Or will attend them but withdraw somewhere before the conclusion, after a lot of hairsplitting!

One only needs to look at their past and to read about Taqiya "dissimulation", one of the tenets of their religious belief system.

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