Yemen gov’t refuses handing Hodeida port to third party

Yemen gov’t refuses handing Hodeida port to third party

Alsahwa Net- Yemen government has stated that it is committed to the three terms of references which include the UN resolution on Yemen as a basis to any agreement, pointing out that handing over Hodeida port to a third party is not realistic.

The spokesman of the government Rajeh Badi told the Emirati newspaper of al-Bayan that the legitimate government will not deal with any proposals which are not in conformity with the three terms of references.  

The UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths had presented to the Houthis handing over the Hodedia port to a third party.

 Griffiths left Sana on Saturday after spending three days with Houthi leaders, discussing details of his plan to neutralize Hodeidah port.

The UN envoy also discussed arrangements for the pro-Iran group’s arrival to Sweden for the upcoming round of talks in December.

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