US State Secretary Assistant apologizes to Hadi

US State Secretary Assistant apologizes to Hadi

President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi on Thursday received the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Tim Lenderking and the US Ambassador to Yemen Matthew H. Tueller to discuss peace opportunities for the Yemeni issue.

According to Saba News Agency (Saba), Lenderking abd Tueller praised efforts by Hadi to get Yemen out of its crises during his tenure.

Saba said that the US officials handed over an apology letter to Hadi following Secretary of State John Kerry’s falsely-announced remarks about the ceasefire agreement which was held between Yemen’s Houthi rebel group and the Saudi-led coalition.

Hadi also handed over the U a letter to the US President-elect Donald Trump regarding US-Yemeni relations.

US secretary of state John Kerry said on Tuesday that Houthi rebels are ready to observe a ceasefire this week but the Yemeni government swiftly dismissed the plan.

The Iran-backed Houthis had agreed to a "cessation of hostilities beginning on November 17, provided the other party implements the same commitment," Mr Kerry said during a visit to the UAE.

He was speaking in Abu Dhabi a day after meeting Houthi negotiators in Oman for talks aimed at finding a political settlement for the war in Yemen.

Mr Kerry said the UAE and Saudi Arabia "have both agreed to try to move forwards with this. They believe it makes sense".

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