Yemen In brief

Yemen In brief

The Houthis have transferred tens of detainees from the terrorist militia-run jails in the capital Sana'a to Hodeidah city where fighting with the government forces is going on to use them as human shields.

The militia has a record of transferring detainees including activists from jails to military sites that they expect to come under Arab Coalition's strikes. The militia killed two journalists in this way in Dhamar province in 2015.

Members of the Houthi terrorist militia bombed five houses of oppositionists in Jabal Habashi district in the central Yemen city of Taiz on Wednesday, local sources reported and published photos on social networking websites.

The militants laced the houses with bombs and blew them up reducing them to ruins. The houses belong to Hassan Ali Abbas, Ghaleb Mohammed Qayed, Fuad Ghaleb Mohammed Qayed, Ghaleb bin Ghalib Mohammed Qayed and Abdul-Wali Ahmed Qayed. The militia, besieging Taiz for nearly four years, has bombed hundreds of houses and other private properties belonging to oppositionists in the war-torn city.


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