Chairman of Islah calls for taking resolute stance against Houthis

Chairman of Islah calls for taking resolute stance against Houthis

Alsahwa Net -  Chairman of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (the Islah party) Mohammed al-Yadomi met Tuesday with the US Ambassador to Yemen Mathew Tueller, discussing Yemen’s updates as well as ways for supporting peace negotiations and ending the Houthi coup.

During the meeting, Al-Yadomi stressed the importance of putting pressures on the Houthis to implement the UN Security Council  Resolution 2216 , pointing out that this resolution poses the key for reaching sustainable  peace.

Al-Yadomi further said that Islah is keen for reaching peace and terminating  suffering of Yemenis, reiterating  that Islah sustains efforts exerted by the UN Special Envoy to Yemen  Martn Griffiths according to the GCC-brokered initiative, the UN Resolution 2216 and the National Dialogue Conference’s outcomes.

The chairman of Islah expressed hope that the Houthi militias will agree to attend a new round of negations with right and serious intonations to build trust and discuss  the file of abductees and enforcedly disappeared persons.

Al-Yadomi noted that the Houthi militias often evade their commitments and treat foolishly with international efforts towards peace.

For his part, Tueller renewed his country’s support to the Yemeni legitimate government and efforts by Griffiths to reach a political solution which would provide peace and stability  and achieve aspirations of all Yemenis. 


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