Using ISIL style, Houthis bomb captives in Hodeidah

Using ISIL style, Houthis bomb captives in Hodeidah

Alsahwa Net- The terrorist militia of Houthis fighting to repel the advance of government forces in the western city have bombed more than 10 government soldiers in their captivity, a reminiscence of the tactics followed by ISIL in Iraq.

The militia’s TV “Al-Masira” aired on Thursday a footage of soldiers walking in a line wearing only back bags but no arms before they exploded into pieces. Al-Masira claimed the Houthi fighters shelled the soldiers in the battle scene.

Military experts, however, told al-Hattami news network those soldiers were captives and they crammed in a bomb-laced fenced place and blown up.

The military sources said the militia, as evident from the broadcast video clip, gave the captive soldiers only back bags to make them appear like carrying firearms before detonating them.

The Islamic theocrats have been using shocking warfare tactics since they sparked the ongoing conflict in 2015.

Among their tactics is booby-trapping the dead bodies of friends and foes in the battle ground once they expect the army troops will collect the bodies.

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