Leaders of Islah party meet UAE Crown Prince

Leaders of Islah party meet UAE Crown Prince

Alsahwa Net – Chairman of the Islah party Mohammed al-Yadomi and Secretary General Abdul-Wahab al-Anisi  met today, Wednesday, Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi.

They discussed Yemen’s developments as well as efforts exerted by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition to restore the Yemeni state and end the Houthi coup. 

Al-Yadomi and al-Ansi emphasized the Islah party’s firm stances towards the support of the Arab Coalition and its efforts to defeat Iran’s destabilizing plots in the region.

They further highly appreciated the roles played by the United Arab Emirates and its great sacrifices, asserting  the shared objective and destiny.   

They also praised the UAE’s unlimited support to Yemen in different military, economic, relief and development fields, stressed the importance of overcoming any shortcoming of relations.

They also stressed the importance of overcoming relations’  shortcomings, pointing out that the Houthis primarily take advantages of any.

For his part, bin Zayed affirmed that the UAE is keen to support the Yemeni people to restore their security and stability.

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