Human rights group condemns use of civilians as human shields in Hodeida

Human rights group condemns use of civilians as human shields in Hodeida


Alsahwa Net- A human rights group, the Yemeni Alliance of Monitoring Human Rights Violations, has strongly condemned the use of civilians as human shields in Hodeida.

The group also said that the Houthis turned hospitals, schools and mosques into military barracks and planted mines inside them.

Meanwhile, Yemen Human Rights Ministry  said  on Monday that the Houthis position on roofs of civilians’ houses and use hospitals, schools and mosques as military barracks, reiterating  that these violations are war crimes and breaches  of the International Humanitarian Law and the four Geneva Conventions.

In a statement, the ministry said that it is working to document violations committed by the Houthis and their recruitment of children as well.

The statement stressed that the government is committed to the International Humanitarian Law and other human rights law.

The Amnesty International has said that the Houthis violated the Humanitarian International law as they raided a hospital in Hodeida and used it for military purposes.

“In an extremely worrying development, Huthi fighters arrived at a hospital in Hodeidah and recently took up positions atop a hospital roof, placing numerous civilians inside the building in grave danger” the organization said in a report issued on Wednesday.

“This is a stomach-churning development that could have devastating consequences for the hospital’s medical workers and dozens of civilian patients, including many children, being treated there,” said Samah Hadid, Amnesty International’s Middle East Director of Campaigns.

“The presence of Huthi fighters on the hospital’s roof violates international humanitarian law, but this violation does not make the hospital and the patients and medical staff lawful targets for Saudi Arabia and UAE-led Coalition air strikes. The hospital is full of injured civilians who have nowhere else to go for lifesaving medical care. Anyone attacking a hospital under these conditions risks responsibility for war crimes.”

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