Yemen army liberates 50% of Saadah province

Yemen army liberates 50% of Saadah province


Alsahwa Net- Governor of Saadah province Hadi Tarshan has said that the Yemeni army managed to liberate 50% of Saadah province.

In a press conference, he affirmed that the army is now clearing mines which were planted by the Houthis in different areas of the province and which endanger civilians.

He said that “preparations are ongoing to reconstruct Saadah with support of Saudi Arabia”, pointing out that displaced persons started to return to their homes.

The army scored field progress in the area of Maran, the birthplace of the Houthi Movement leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Vice President Ali Muhsin Saleh last month paid a visit to some areas of Saadah governorate, affirming that Saadah is not a Houthi-dominated area.

He further vowed to raise the Yemeni flag on all mountains of Saadah and liberate all span of its land.

The vice president exalted the heroic sacrifices of the national army's heroes for liberating Sa'adah, highly appreciating  praising highly the role of the Arab Coalition's countries for supporting Yemeni people in different fields.


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