Houthis shell village, kill elderly woman blow off limbs of five kids

Houthis shell village, kill elderly woman blow off limbs of five kids

As usual, amid dead silence on the part of the international community and total information blackout on the international media, the Houthis shelled a village in Yemen's central Taiz on Monday killing an elderly woman and a child and blowing up off and tearing apart the limbs of five other kids rendering them between life and death.

The Shia Islamic terrorists fired heavy shells on Ajwad village in Makbana district to Taiz's northwest hitting one of the houses there and incurring the following casualties.

The shells killed:

  1. Shamaah Ali Ahmed 65-year-old lady was killed.
  2. Mumayaz Rafik Thabet, a three-year-old boy

The shelling severely injured and cut and charred the limbs of the following kids:

  1. Raheeb Saeed Thabet, a four-year-old boy
  2. Reenas Rafik Thabet, nine-year-old girl
  3. Tahreer Saaed Thabet a one-year-old girl
  4. Rayan Rafik Thabet a five year-old boy.

Local media covered the story on time but seeing that the story was limited to local Arabic-language media, al-Sahwa has volunteered to translate it to English and publish it.

The Iran-backed coupists have been laid subjecting Yemen's third largest province, Taiz, to a strangling since March 2015. From their military outposts around Taiz, the militants have been committing continual massacres against the civilians there away from the eyes and perhaps the interest of the international media which only portray the conflict in Yemen from the perspective of the Houthi militants.

The Houthis are killing civilians on a daily basis, by ways of sniper shooting, heavy shelling, landmines and arrests and tortures and indirectly by cutting off essential medical and humanitarian supplies to the city.  

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