President Hadi to meet UN Envoy to set talks agenda

President Hadi to meet UN Envoy to set talks agenda

Alsahwa Net- Yemen Foreign Minister Khalid al-Yamani has said that President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi will meet with the UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths to set agendas of the potential talks sessions.

Al-Yamani told Alsharq al-Awasat newspaper that the government has not been informed about the details of the upcoming talks, pointing out that Hadi will meet Griffiths before the release of talks.

Al-Yamani expressed the Yemeni government’s willing to engage in a new round of talks, stressing the importance of agreeing with Hadi before leaking any details about the talks.

Meanwhile, Sweden offered to host the US-proposed talks. Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom expressed the readiness of its country to host the Yemeni negations set to be held in November 2018.

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