Houthi snipers gun down a child every day in Taiz

Houthi snipers gun down a child every day in Taiz Photo of 23 year old Ahmed Qasem Abdu, a civilian, Houthi militant snipers shot dead in Salah district in Taiz city on Saturday.

Oct 29, 2018

Alsahwa Net- Houthi snipers seem to let no day go without the life of at least one child or a more senior innocent person go with it. This has been the case for years but the international media covering Yemen have a mysterious but adamant inclination to turn a blind eye to it and report civilian casualties only from the Shia Islamic rebels' perspective.

Yemen's central city of Taiz which the rebels are besieging since 2015 is seeing the majority of those sniping attacks.

On Saturday a Houthi sniper shot dead 23 year old Ahmed Qasem Abdu, a civilian, as he was walking in Salah district in  downtown Taiz.

He also shot 12-year -old  Mohammed Badri who was walking alongside Abdu causing him life-threatening injuries, local sources told the Defense Ministry's website.

The day after (Sunday) another Houthi sniper in the western side of the city, Shiaab, shot dead nine-year-old Ayat Mohammed Hazaa as she was wandering around her house.

The day before (Friday) a Houthi sniper shot dead eighteen year old Fuadah Abdullah alAdlani as she was tending to her goats.

The Islamic rebels have killed and injured thousands of people in Taiz by indiscriminate shelling of the densely populated neighborhoods of the city, but sniper shooting is only the most striking and defiant practice of premeditated killing of civilians.

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