UN, international media both betraying Yemen !

UN, international media both betraying Yemen !


By Abdulhakim Saad

The United Nations and the international media especially the US and European news websites are betraying Yemen as the impoverished nation struggles in a defining battle with one of the world's strongest and best equipped terrorist organizations- the Houthi militia.  

The United Nations' betrayal

Although the UN (through UNSC resolutions) condemned the "rebels" coup of 2014, the world body has since stopped motionless in its tracks.  Not going a single step further than "recognizing" President Abd Rabu M. Hadi's government on paper.

The government needs the UN Security Council to intervene to implement its resolution no. 2216 for ending the Houthi rebellion and putting Yemen back on the track of transformation that the Iran-backed theocrats had sabotaged.

It is a betrayal that as the originally internationally mandated military campaign against the savage religious group gives them only the benefit of hardening, the UN starts to pressure for ceasing the campaign against them.

It is weird that some UN officials based in the Houthi-held Sana'a even issue from time to time official statements and agreements that implicitly recognize the militia as a government!


The media bias

Leading western media outlets including the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press, the Guardian, Reuters and the Antiwar websites have been standing Yemen facts on head.

In line with the Houthi viewpoint, they have been summing up the story of the Yemeni war to a "bombing campaign" by the Arab Coalition and "civilian casualties" as a result.  

They are keeping their audience in the dark about the real casualty tolls and root cause of the conflict: that the Houthis:

  1. are behind the majority of the nearly 13 thousand civilian casualties incurred since the beginning of the war in early 2015.

  2. have rounded up civilian oppositionists and journalists to an indefinite detention, forced others to flee outside Yemen and closed newspapers and TVs. In a nutshell wiped out free press and any form of dissent from all areas of Yemen that control.

  3. torture detainees to death, permanent disability or insanity or until they are released in prisoner swap deals.

  4. have been besieging Yemen's third largest city, Taiz, since March 2015 and killing civilians by heavy shelling, sniper shootings and other acts of intentional killing.

  5. are the only warring that party that uses landmines. They have planted at least half a million landmines across Yemen killing and injuring hundreds of civilians many of them women and children.

  6. have been recruiting children from schools and neighborhoods, radicalizing them, training them in firearm use and deploying them as fearless killers to warfronts and highway checkpoints.

  7. As a maximalist theocratic group have always avoided peace by frank and cunning tactics and will always stick to the choice of fighting "to the Day of Judgment" over allowing Yemen back to the track of "the pagan" democracy.

  8. control and use 70% of the state revenues to finance their war while withholding salaries from thousands of public servicemen in their areas of control.

  9. infused their sectarian bigotry into the curricula and classrooms in Sana'a schools.
  10. displaced thousands of people from their the houses by crackdowns and in some cases by lacing the houses of the wanted oppositionists with bombs and blowing them up.

  11. have totally confiscated the foreign cash reserves of Yemen in the former central bank in Sana'a contributing to the country's present economic collapse and famine-like conditions.

  12. triggered the current war in March 2015 after having abandoned the historical National Dialogue, mounted a coup in Sana'a and begun bloody expansions southward.

  13. prior to that had been sabotaging Yemen's transitional process by overrunning cities north of Yemen as the National Dialogue proceeds.

  14. in the period (2004-2008) had fought six bloody rounds of conflict after each one of which they took a break under the umbrella of "truce" and rose up again and so on and so forth.

  15. like ISIL are bent on eliminating all out-groups with the only difference of (Houthis) employing the religious principle of Taqiyya (dissimulation), as they pursue this ultimate goal.


After three years of fighting, the Yemeni people have run out of food and patience while the maximalist theocrats are still unveiling new modifications to their Iranian-supplied missiles and vowing to fight indefinitely.


While the Yemeni people expect that the UN Security Council to intervene under chapter VII to dismantle the Houthi militia militarily and resolve the standoff and help restore Yemen's entity back to being, the UN as well as the media are rather betraying Yemen.  They have only just begun to whitewash the Houthi record of atrocities by overstating the humanitarian crisis at the expense of the Houthi guilt in triggering and perpetuating the war.



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