Preparations for normalizing situation in Sa’ada

Preparations for normalizing situation in Sa’ada

Alsahwa Net- Governor of Saada Hadi Tarshan has said that the local authorities in Sa’ada are preparing for normalizing situations in the liberated districts and reconstructing damaged areas.

Tarshan affirmed that 95 % of Kitaf, the biggest district of Sa’ada, was liberated and that other areas are surrounded by the Yemeni army and that they will be liberated soon.

Meanwhile, the army scored strategic gains in the area of Maran, the birth place of the Houthi Movement leader Abdul-Malk al-Houthi.

Field sources told Alsahwa Net that the army scored field progress in  the center of Baqem district and other districts , in north of the province.

Yemeni military sources reiterated that the army is determining to advance and liberate all Yemeni lands controlled by the Houthi putschists.

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