Houthi mortar round kills elderly woman in Taiz

Houthi mortar round kills elderly woman in Taiz

Alsahwa Net- A mortar round fired by the Houthi Islamic rebels killed 60 year old Wilaya Ali Saeed in the central Yemen province of Taiz on Tuesday October 9.

The militants stationed in al-Mandhrah, a hilltop military outpost in Hayfan district to the southeast of the province, fired a mortar round that hit near  the woman's house in al-Hojama village in the same district. A shrapnel from the shell killed the woman who happened to be outdoor immediately.

The militants frequently kill women and children in Taiz accidentally and deliberately. Around the siege they have been besieging on Taiz's provincial capital since March 2015, the rebel group's snipers have continuously been killing pedestrians, most of them children.

Local rights groups have lost count of how many children have been killed by sniper shooting alone.

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