Houthis prevents delivery of money transfers for Yemenis

Houthis  prevents delivery of money transfers for Yemenis

Alsahwa Net- The Houthis have prevented the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) from delivering cash transfers of $150 million  for 9 million Yemenis .

The distribution of these transfers requires the launch of a center through which UNICEF staff can reach the beneficiaries. However, the Houthis impeded the establishment of this center.

The Houthis had previously prevented 36 international, regional, and local relief organizations from working in areas under their control apart from the rebel militia's direct oversight.

The rebels' self-proclaimed health ministry issued a circular to all health offices in the provinces and districts under their control to disallow the listed organizations to operate on their own, on the grounds that such organizations, by the nature of their work, shall only operate under the health ministry's oversight.

Yemeni officials accuse the militia of pressing NGOs to work for the radical group and to connive in the militia's seizing and manipulating of aid that should go to the destitute people without any hinders or interventions.

The chief of Yemen's Supreme Relief Aid Committee, Abdurraqeeb Fatah condemned the Houthi move in a press statement. He called on the Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen and the international community to press the militants to get their hands off the relief organizations' business.

He called on the Coordinator to report to the UN Security Council the militia's longstanding abuses of aid and interferences that lead to the deprivation of the intended recipients, Yemen's impoverished people.  "The rebel militia is fully responsible for the worsening humanitarian conditions in the provinces under their control," Fatah said.

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