Army spokesman: Houthis endanger international navigation

Army spokesman: Houthis endanger international navigation

Alsahwa Net- The spokesperson of the Yemeni army Abdu Mujali has said that the Houthis are using booby-trapped boats to target ships and disrupt the international navigation.

In a comment to Alsharq al-Awsat newspaper, he said that the Houthis use all means to raise fears amid the international community, signaling out that they use booby-trapped boats bear Iranian fingerprints

He further said that  technologies used in preparing booby-trapped boats were not previously owned  by the Yemeni army, pointing out  that there are Iranian experts working with the militias in a number of cities controlled by the Houthis and help in preparing such boats.

He further stressed the importance of liberating all Yemeni lands, particularly Hodeida and its port “which is used by the Houthis to import deadly weapons”.

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