In Houthi-besieged Taiz, merciless death comes from everywhere

In Houthi-besieged Taiz, merciless death comes from everywhere

In the central Yemen city of Taiz, death comes from everywhere. From severe hunger, dengue fever, landmines and, to the shame of the world, even from continual sniper shooting by the Houthi Islamists besieging the city.

A Houthi sniper shot dead a 10 year old boy, Abduh Yahya Abdu a-Samad  Ghaleb, in Saber al-Mawadem district in the city on Saturday 2018-09-29.

Shaker al-Yusufi, 21, who earns the bread of his family from his job as a waiter in a cafeteria in the city died in the Republican Hospital in the city on Sunday after struggling with dengue fever, an epidemic that has spread like wild fire in the city which the maximalist theologian militants cut medical and all humanitarian supply to.

Al-Yusufi is only one of 1584 people the local Health Ministry office told the press on Saturday are infected with the epidemic and face the risk of death in default of the required medicines and expertise to treat them locally.

Death is even chasing the people of Taiz outside their city which they fled in search of safety from the Houthi miscellaneous means of killing. 

 Earlier on (Tuesday 2018-09-18) in a camp for internal displaces in Abyan south of the country, Abduh Nasr a man in his fifties from Taiz set himself on fire after his family ran out of food.  Nasr was hospitalized to the Republican Teaching Hospital in Aden but succumbed to his wounds and died there. 




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