Shortage of fuels sharpens, black markets expand in Aden

Shortage of fuels sharpens, black markets expand in Aden

Alsahwa Net- Shortage of fuels has sharpened in the temporary capital of Yemen, Aden, the correspondent of Alsahwa Net in Aden affirmed.

Meanwhile, the black markets selling fuels with higher prices expanded in the city.

The shortage of fuel doubles the suffering of millions of Yemenis who  no longer afford to buy food. About 75 percent of the population to rely on humanitarian assistance, human rights organizations affirm.

Houthi militias force children of Hodeida to fight  

Al-Sahwa Net- The Houthis have resorted to impose forcible conscription in the city of Hodeida after losing large numbers of their fighters in confrontations with the Yemeni army backed by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, local people of Hodeida told Alsahwa Net.

They affirmed that  the Houthis abducted children and took them to their fighting fronts.

In the past few days, the government forces backed by the Arab Coalition unleashed an operation to liberate the western port city of Hodeida from Al Houthis after the militia failed to appear in Switzerland for a UN-brokered peace talks, which were scheduled to start on September 6.


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