Houthi ballistic missile fired on Jizan

Houthi ballistic missile fired on Jizan

Alsahwa Net- The Saudi air defenses intercepted on Thursday a Houthi ballistic missile over Jizan.  

This came hours after a Houthi missile wounded 27 civilians in Najran, as the Arab Coalition’s leadership stated.

The spokesman of the Arab Coalition Turki al-Malki said Monday that the Houthi militias fired 185 ballistic missiles on the Saudi lands, stressing that the Yemeni army makes steady progress in different fighting fronts, particularly in Saadah.

Al-Maliki affirmed that the Houthi militias pose a threat to the international navigation in Bab Elmendab Strait, signaling out that they cooperate with Hezbollah militias in trafficking drugs.



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