PM visits assassination survivor Ahmed Aref

PM visits assassination survivor Ahmed Aref


Prime Minister Ahmed bin Daghr paid a visit to Ahmed Aref Mohammed who survived with a severe injury an assassination against his father early this month in the temporary capital Aden.

Ahmed's father is the secretary general of the League of Doctors in Aden and a member of the Islah party in Aden. A bomb planted in their car exploded while they were driving to work in Aden, causing Ahmed to lose a leg but his father survived unhurt.

Bin-Daghr visited Ahmed in one of the hospitals in Aden on Sunday to check in with his health. He condemned the wave of terrorist assassinations against government officials and members of the Islah party in Aden and other provinces liberated from the Houthi rebels.

He vowed that the perpetrators of these acts won't get away with their crimes. He also called for merging all military forces under one command; President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's internationally recognized government.

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