Presidential advisor: Houthis are war advocates

Presidential advisor: Houthis are war advocates

The adviser to the President of the Republic, Dr. Mohammed Al-Amiri, stressed that the government extends in case there is a serious intent on the side on the side of the Houthis and international guarantees of their commitment.

 He accused the Houthis that they are advocates of war, and it does not appear on the horizon that they are serious about peace.


 Al-Amiri, a member of the Presidential Committee on the Study of the UN's Proposals, said that the more the rebels are suffocated they more  they looking for a way out of their dilemma through consultations, citing the fact that they have sabotaged all rounds of negotiations that have taken place so far.


He revealed in his statements to Okaz daily that the government believes that the political solution is the next step after the security solutions step represented by the withdrawal of militants from cities and state institutions on all Yemeni soil.


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