Three security incidents in 12 hours in Aden

Three security incidents in 12 hours in Aden

Aden has seen a number of security incidents in a number of its districts over the past 12 hours.
According to the correspondent of Al Sahwa the security forces have closed a main road in downtown Aden after a grenade planted by unknown gunmen was found on a sidewalk near some houses close to al-Kureimi Money Exchanger.
The forces also dismantled three explosive devices found on the sidewalk of Enma area in the city.

And in a new assassination attempt, gumen threw a hand grenade toward Sheikh Jalal Alawla a vicar of Abu Bakr Mosque in Aden when he was in the yard of his house but the grenade missed him and exploded without causing casualties.

Scores of mosque preachers and activists, some of them belonging to the Islah, have been killed in mysterious assassinations in Aden in the past months.


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