Differences escalate among Houthi ranks

Differences escalate among Houthi ranks

The differences between the leaders of the coup militia in the province of Hodeidah escalated and  Hassan Al-Hage the appointed Houthi governor of Hodeidah was accused by a rival leader of conspiracy in killing the President of the Houthis' so-called «Supreme Political Council» Saleh al-Samad last April 23.

Okaz daily quoted informed sources that the head of military intelligence of the militias Abu Ali al-Hakem ordered putting  Al-Hage under house arrest and bring him to trial in the coming days.

The sources said al-Hakem accused Al-Hage of being "a traitor and conspirator".

Al-Hakem reportedly assigned Mohamed Ayash Qahim to tke the place of Al-Hage and launched arrests against a number of criminal investigation and intelligence officials associated with Al-Hage.

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