Two detainees die of torture in Houthi jail

Two detainees die of torture in Houthi jail

Two new detainees have died of torture in the jails of the Houthi militia, human rights activists said on the condition of anonymity out of security concerns.  

Ibrahim Mahyob al-Salahi and Mohammed al-Ammari who have been in al-Saleh jails complex in eastern Taiz and a jail in the capital Sana'a respectively died this week after two years of their abduction by the Islamic extremist rebels in eastern Taiz and subjecting them to torture, the sources learnt from relatives of the two slain prisoners.

The two persons were peaceful activists against the theocratic militia's military overthrow of the Yemeni state in 2014. At least dozens of activists including journalists have been tortured to death, permanent disability or madness in the jails of the Houthis since the rebel militia overran the capital Sana'a in September 2014.  


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