Tales of journalists suffering in Houthi jails told in Beirut

Tales of journalists suffering in Houthi jails told in Beirut

During the past weeks, a series of events were held by Yemeni activists in the Lebanese capital Beirut in the past weeks to expose the misery of journalists abducted and jailed by the Houthi militia and the situation of journalism in Yemen in general.

In the Knowledge Exchange Conference held by the Sana'a Center in early July, human rights reporter Abdullah Al Mansouri talked about the suffering of the families of journalists abducted by the Houthi militiaa citing the case of his brother Tawfiq, who is also a journalist.

He narrated the story of journalists suffering in a meeting with the Group of Eminent Experts panel set up by the UN Secretary-General to examine human rights violations in Yemen during the war.

Abdullah informed the audiences that Houthi militia regard journalists as priority enemies and subject them, like all peaceful oppositionists, to all forms of torture, degradation and intimidation. He cited the stories of several journalists whom Houthis killed and tortured to death and permanent bodily impairment.   

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