Observers: Houthis playing games to evade peace

Observers: Houthis playing games to evade peace

Political observers have accused the Houthi militia of playing games and maneuvers since the last round of peace consultations in 2016, to evade another round of peace talks that the government and the international community have been calling for.

The sources told the Saudi daily Okaz that the path of peace is clear, but that the Houthi militia do not have their decision because they are run from Tehran, and therefore they are only a tool to implement the Persian agenda.

Observers said the militia's history indicates that the militia are always the first to break their commitments. The sources said the militia's recent massacre against civilians near Al-Thawra Hospital and the fish market, in Hodeida, the terrorist attack on Saudi oil tanker and avoidance of the show-good-faith measures(to release politial prisoners) confirms that the militia is not interested in reach a peaceful solution. The observers considered the statements of a member of the Houthi "Political Council" Salim al-Mughalis, in which he claimed that the Houthis " want consultations "to arrive at a general framework for negotiations) is  just a maneuver to prolong and complicate the road to peace.

The observers described this announcement as an apparent show of playing games.

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