Saudi experts extract 919 landmines in Yemen in two weeks

Saudi experts extract 919 landmines in Yemen in two weeks

Experts from a Saudi mine action project "Masam" in Yemen managed to extract 919 landmines from different provinces liberated from Houthi militants within two weeks.

The director general of Masam Osama al-Kosaibi told the Emirates News Agency that the militia planted these mines in the country's west coast and in the provinces of Taiz, Shabwa, Saada and Marib.

He said that the Houthi militia planted one million landmines in Yemeni territory within three years, leaving 1194 casualties so far, including 216 children.

He noted that most of these mines are anti-personnel and internationally prohibited and from various sources; homemade and Iranian-made.


Military command says Houthi carnage proved themselves a bloody group
The military command of the Hodeidah Military Axis condemned the heinous Houthi mortar shelling that killed an injured 40 civilians in front of the gate of Al-Thawra General Hospital in Hodeidah last Thursday.

In a statement on Sunday the command said, "This crime has proved to the whole world and to the United Nations that this Houthis are a bloody group that does not hesitate at all to shed innocent blood and use (innocent blood) to gain advantages."

The statement said the militia uses deceitful ways to attach the carnage to the government  so as to draw the international community into obstructing the liberation of Hodeidah.

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