Islah official calls for burying hatchet among parties

Islah official calls for burying hatchet among parties


The Deputy Head of the Media Department of Islah party, Adnan al-Odeini has called for burying the hatchet between political parties, including between his own party and the General People's Congress (GPC).

He welcomed a recent call by the head of the GPC's parliamentary bloc of Sultan al-Barakani to bring the parties , mainly the Islah and the GPC, closer.

He said that Barakani's call comes at a time when the nation is in dire need for a rapprochement under the umbrella of the state to serve the national causes and move on with the processes of reconstruction and restoration of the state.

He said in that the rapprochement is not meant for the Islah and GPC only.

"It should include all the Yemeni political groups who sided with the nation against those who breached the national consensus."



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