Islah condemns assassination bid against party member in Aden

Islah condemns assassination bid against party member in Aden

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) party has condemned the assassination attempt against Aref Ahmed Ali, a member of the party in Aden on Tuesday.

 A bomb planted in Aref's car exploded injuring him moderately but his son seriously that he lost his leg.

"The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) condemns the criminal incident that targeted Dr. Aref Ahmed Ali, a member of the Islah of Aden and the Secretary General of the Union of Doctors ,and his young son Ahmad on Tuesday morning in the district of of Al-Mualla," read the statement.

There have been repeated condemnations from everyone on the assassinations, arrests, enforced disappearances and attacks on activists and the headquarters of the Islah in Aden and offices of other organizations, mainly the media.. Unfortunately, however, there have not been any responses from the legitimate government."

"We call for the formation of a commission to investigate the crimes of assassinations that targeted the innocent people of Aden in general and the members of Islah in particular to uncover the perpetrators of this scheme, which has emptied this city of its professional elites and symbolic figures.

"The Ministry of the Interior, the Director of Aden Security and the competent agencies bear full responsibility for all the assassinations witnessed by the temporary capital Aden since its liberation to this day."

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