More Sana'a dignitaries join anti-Houthi resistance force

More Sana'a dignitaries join anti-Houthi resistance force

The Sana'a Resistance Force that is fighting the Houthi rebels in Marib and the outskirts of their occupied city, Sana'a, have welcomed a new group of local chieftains and dignitaries who had left Sana'a to join the ranks of the government and anti-Houthi popular forces.  

The President of the Supreme Council of Sanaa Resistance Mansour al-Haneq welcomed the new defectors. In a welcome speech, he said that the government's door is open for all people to join except those involved in grave human rights abuses.

The Council discussed the situation in Sana'a province, praising the local population's role in combating the coup through their participation in various fronts to defend the Republic.

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