How media is supporting terrorism in Yemen?

How media is supporting terrorism in Yemen?

By Yaseen Khaled

Most of the media are unknowingly supporting and advocating terrorism against the Yemeni people. In recent years, the majority of the US and European media outlets covering Yemen began to stand the Yemen facts on head by supporting Houthis openly and tirelessly reiterating the same arguments that the terrorist militia adopts.

To verify this, one only needs to search Yemen in google news at intervals and see for themselves.

Almost all of these media now tend to show Yemen through the prism of Houthis.

I want to show the ridiculous picture that a non-Yemeni follower of Yemen news on google would form in their mind by relying on the misleading material that western reporters write and google news shows.

The word Houthi is equivalent to the "Yemeni people", the "government", the "civilians", the "victims", and "a revolutionary group"!; the Arab Coalition is the one who started this war, and this war better called a " bombing campaign"; The aim and practice of this "bombing campaign" is killing the "civilians" and "starving them to submission"; Sana'a city where the Houthis are is war-torn! Taiz city where Hadi's loyalists are is wholesome!  Because the Coalition and government bomb cities! Houthis fight in a civilized way! Or they are even city defenders besieged in the capital Sana'a; Sana'a and the rest of the Houthi-held provinces are besieged!  In fact the part of Yemen under Houthis is besieged! Taiz is never ever mentioned; Child fighter recruitment is never mentioned. Landmines are never mentioned.

If child fighter recruitment is rarely mentioned then it is the government who is recruiting children. Yes, blatancy has some sort of courage associated with it.  

Houthis are misleadingly depicted as a POLITICAL group with specific clear demands that once they have them met, will be willing to open up and share power with everyone else in the country. But Hadi's government is a "faction" that wants to exclude the Houthis, that includes al-Qaeda and ISIL in its ranks, is not popular, is in exile, barely exists.

In this war Houthis found themselves defending civilians so they stand in the gates of cities as defenders with the voices of women and children heard from behind them praying for their victory. Houthis die with their hearts wrenched for the children!

It is really the foregoing ridiculous picture that is being drawn about Yemen, ignoring the fact that Houthis are an ISL of another color. Most of the terrorist organization's lethal killers are brainwashed teenagers and most of their victims are children too.

But, unlike ISIL, they are more sophisticated terrorists who transport the bodies of their slain young fighters to Sana'a hospitals in timely manner to take photos and videos of them to feed the propaganda that warplanes and government soldiers kill children.

Unlike ISIL, Houthis kill peaceful activists and reporters over years of sadistic electrocution and reverse hangings and a long list of abuses.

Their prisoners are tortured to death, disability, and/or madness.

Unlike ISIL Houthis are a very disciplined and efficient terror organization that have killed dozens of journalists and activists in jails but allowed no single video or photo to be leaked.

Unlike ISIL they have a wide international sympathy with them, leading world media that speaks on their behalf, and a country that gives them ballistic missiles and drones to play with in their leisure time.  


The foregoing media falsifications about the conflict in Yemen began to emerge shyly in the past two years but by now they have become the normal scene that every media outlet reiterates and every first-time reporter on Yemen takes for granted and builds on.  

The facts about Yemen have been stood on head completely, which misrepresent the cause of the Yemeni people turners the terrorists into victims and vice versa.  

This advocacy of the Houthi theocrats is part of the reason why they have become the first terrorist organization to possess ballistic missiles, attack commercial vessels in the Red Sea and receive not even a motherly reprimand from the international community for that.  



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