Aden: Three soldiers injured in security vehicle explosion

Aden: Three soldiers injured in security vehicle explosion

A powerful explosion rocked the vegetable market area of Sheikh Othman district in the temporary capital Aden on Wednesday morning.

Local sources told Al-Sahwa daily that the explosion was caused by a C-4 plastic explosive that had been on the security patrol car manned by escorts of the Director General of Sabah district in Abyan governorate.

The sources added that the explosion wounded more than 3 soldiers from the escorts of Yafi'a al-Sheikh al-Qahim, while Yafe survived the incident.

The incident is the third in less than 24 hours after the targeting of one of the security leaders in the district of Enma, and the assassination attempt against the police chief of al-Basateen area in Aden.

The capital, Aden, is witnessing terrible security situations, and the city has witnessed a number of terrorist attacks and assassinations in the last few days.

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