FM: Saleh used Houthis to return to power

FM: Saleh used Houthis to return to power

 Yemen Foreign Minister Abdul-Malik al-Mekhlafi has affirmed that the Yemeni government is not interested in the US State's Secretary's recent announcement about reaching agreement.

He said that the Yemeni internationally-recognized government was not informed by Omani officials about the meeting held between John Kerry and the Houthis. 

In an interview with Aljazeera TV,  al-Mekhlafi said that the announcement of Kerry is a Houthi-American agreement. 

He affirmed that the Houthis focus on forming a unity government and ignore the withdrawal from cities and handing over their weapons. 

FM also pointed out that a unity government was formed after the Houthis took over the capital Sana'a in September 2014, and that they didn't adhere to the agreement reached with other Yemeni parties, affirming that they only took this as an opportunity to complete their plans and destroy all the state's potentials. 

He cited that Saleh allied with the Houthis with the aim of returning to power, labeling alliance between the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh as "snake love". 

He stressed that Saleh and his family will not rule Yemen again, pointing out that he committed gross crimes against Yemenis.

"Any solution which does not include the handing over of weapon will be rejected. None can force the Yemeni people to surrender" he added.

He affirmed that the UN road map gave the Houthis more that they deserve and it no longer appropriate, emphasizing that it rewards the Houthis. 

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