Aden Islah calls for partnership, denounces its exclusion

Aden Islah calls for partnership, denounces its exclusion

The Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party in the temporary capital Aden confirmed that the party is clear of responsibilities for any administrative failures suffered by Aden over the past three years after the restoration of the city from the control of the Houthi militants.


Commenting on published chats of the representations of parties in the administrative structure of Aden local government which show Islah's total exclusion, the head of the Media Department of Aden's Islah office, Khalid Haidan, said: It sends a clear message that Islah is innocent of administrative failure for three years."

"It is our right today to be in partnership with others in the construction and administration of Aden," he said stressing that the policy of exclusion practiced against Islah all has become unacceptable.


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