Lahj: Army experts extract Houthi landmines mines in Kabbeita

Lahj: Army experts extract Houthi landmines mines in Kabbeita


The army experts have managed to remove several landmines planted by the Houthi militia in several areas of the district of Kabbeita, north of Lahj province, south of the country.


"The coupist Houthi militia planted hundreds of mines and improvised explosive devices on the public roads and close to the houses of the areas they used to control, before the army recaptured the areas," said Brigadier General Abu Bakr al-Jabooli, commander of the 4th Mountain Infantry Brigade.


These landmines, he said, pose a grave threat to the people in the outskirts of the districts of Al-Baha and Kabbeita in Lahj and the neighboring district of Hayfan in Taiz province.



"Because of their black hatred they try to camouflage landmines by using landmines that look exactly like stones in their shape and the colors put on them. They aim to heavily damage the civilians and prevent the army's advance."


"We will continue to hunt down these terrorist militias until they are eliminated," he said.


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