Houthis torture a new prisoner to death in Sana'a jail

Houthis torture a new prisoner to death in Sana'a jail


The Houthi militia have tortured a new prisoner too death in their Sana'a jails, according to political activists on social network activists.

Abdurahman Lawyer a well-noted Yemeni lawyer in exile posted on his facebook page that "prisoner Omar al-Riyami died on Sunday in the militia-controlled National Security Agency's jail after more than one year of arrest, forced disappearance and torture."

Al-Riyami was a social network advocate of the government.

The militia of terrorist Islamic theologians have killed, maimed and driven mad hundreds of peaceful oppositionists under torture in their jails. Just a week ago, a pro-government activist and doctor, Muneer al-Sharqi, was released mad and severely disfigured (in his raw skin) as a result of a yearlong torture that included the pouring of acid on him.

Yet he has been taken out of jail by a pick up car and dumped on the side of one of the roads only because he had lost consciousness and the terrorists thought he had been dead

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