Houthis exploit humanitarian aid to recruit new fighters

Houthis exploit humanitarian aid to recruit new fighters

The Houthi rebel militia have been intensively engaged for a week in a campaign of recruiting new fighters in return for humanitarian aid to their families in Hajja province in north Yemen.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper quoted local sources as saying that the Houthis' self-proclaimed governor of Hajjah Hilal al-Sufi and Supervisor in the province, Nayef Abu Kharashfa, have mobilized hundreds of Haradh displacees in the provincial capital to let their sons join the Houthi warfronts against the government in exchange for giving them food from the humanitarian aid that the international organizations had donated to Yemen.

The sources said that the militia convened a similar meeting for the displaced people in the district of Abs, and asked them to join their warfronts in return for food.

One of the Houthi rebels tactics to recruit more youth and child fighters is to exploit the severe financial need of their families for food and money.


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