Houthi sniper kills 12-year-old girl in Baydha

Houthi sniper kills 12-year-old girl in Baydha

A sniper from the Islamist rebel militia of Houthis killed a 12-year-old-girl in the central Yemen province of Baydha on Saturday.

The state-run Yemen News Agency reported that militant shot dead Abrar A'alawi Abdullah al-Faydhi as she was in her village of Selwa'a in Dhi Na'em district in Baydha.

In a separate incident in Al-Zaher, another Baydha district, a man was killed in the same day as he stepped on a landmine the extremist rebels had planted.

The agency said the incidents of today are only episodes in the militia's serial crimes against the people of Baydha. "The militia has for three years been indiscriminately killing and shelling villages, bombing houses and mosques burning farms and committing forcible disappearances."

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